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Thank you Sponsors!

EDRA thanks our sponsors, donors and sustaining members for their ongoing investment in our programs, initiatives and mission.

Join the EDRA Association in our mission to advance and disseminate research, teaching, and practice toward improving an understanding of the relationships among people, their built environments, and natural eco-systems.

EDRA Association would like to thank those companies supporting our mission nationally as of January 31, 2017.

2017 Sponsors

Urban Communication

Organizational Members

Andrews University | BBH Design | HKS Inc | Kansas State University | Kuwait University | Rutgers Center for Green Building | The Pennsylvania State University | Texas Tech University - College of Architecture | Universite de Montreal | University of Colorado Boulder Program in Environmental Design | University of Idaho - College of Art & Architecture | University of Manitoba | Urban Communication Foundation

EDRA Placemakers

Gowri Betrabet Gulwadi | Keith Diaz Moore | Peter Hourihan | Susan Mazer | Lynn Paxson

EDRA Wayfinders

Sherry Ahrentzen | Cherif Amor | David Boeck | Paula Horrigan | Robin Moore | Katherine Morris | Thierry Rosenheck| April Spivack | Dan Stokols | Rich Elliot Wener


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