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Best Paper Award

All submitters have the opportunity during the submission process to indicate if they would like the submission to be considered for the Best Paper Award. Those full length papers that are accepted will be judged on the submission's quality of research, quality of writing, and alignment of the project to EDRA's mission.


Student Awards

We seek the best student work for these awards: thought-provoking research and forward-thinking design concepts that exemplify EDRA’s principles. The awards program is a fantastic opportunity for students to receive recognition for their work, move forward in their thesis or dissertation writing, and contribute to the body of knowledge and practice that makes EDRA the leader in environmental design research.


Student Conference Scholarships

The EDRA Student Conference Scholarship program (formerly known as the Student Travel Awards program) has been revamped in order to more effectively handle and evaluate applications, and to acknowledge the differential costs of attendance for its student members. A limited number of scholarships will be awarded each year, minimum of $100.00 and a maximum award value of $500.00 to help offset the varying costs of travel from a student’s institution to the conference site. Student Conference Scholarships will first be disbursed in the form of a complimentary student member conference registration to EDRA48Madison (a value of $280.00) with any remaining scholarship funds awarded in a check payable in U.S. dollars.



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