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Fatma Jobran

November 2014

Presently, I am a PhD Candidate at Texas Tech University, Department of Environmental/Interior Design. I arrived in Lubbock, TX during August 2010 to commence my second master studies in Environmental/Interior Design at Texas Tech University. Previously, I earned my Bachelor and Masters degrees in Fine Art from King Abdulaziz University in KSA and felt really fortunate to join an outstanding Ph.D. Program especially because I am coming from a background of Art. Therefore, the subject area of studying design presents a full-ranging interdisciplinary viewpoint to me as an artist to environment relations. Additionally, being an ERDA member revealed the nice developing field of environment-behavior studies that make me realize the grandness of the emerging area of environment-behavior to my previous and current experiences.

I am mostly interested in Healthcare Environments. My current research interest involves the impact of Sustainability and Places of Respite in Saudi Arabia Healthcare Environments. I work on identifying the important aspects of places of respite, in terms of cultural, social values, and sustainability as perceived by healthcare professionals. In addition, I focus on how to recognize levels of job stress in facilities with and without places of respite. I hope in the future that the results of this study will be relevant for design across social and cultural boundaries.

Correspondingly, I was honored as the “First Top Design, Selection, and Meeting with Princess Al-Johara Al-Ibrahim (King of Saudi Arabia’s wife) ’’, for King Fahd Awards Competition, celebrate the occasion of 100th, Year of the Kingdom Unification, design allocated at King of Saudi Arabia’s office. $14,000 awarded to King Abdul-Aziz University, 2005, 2006. Similarly, I was honored the outstanding academic record as an excellent candidate for the Honors College from Texas Tech University (2009-2014). Likewise, I was honored six times as the “outstanding achievements at TTU”, Government & Public Service Intern Program and scholarship offered by the TTU Office of the President, in Washington DC, Austin, and Huston (2009-2014). In 2011, I worked as a Research Assistant with Dr. Debajyoti Pati on several research projects. Besides, I am currently a Chair of the Academic and Professional Development Commission at Graduate Students Advisory Council (GSAC) at TTU from April 2014 to present. Newly, I was named GSAC Outstanding Graduate Student Leader and awarded a $1000 scholarship from the Graduate School at Texas Tech University! Continually, I was awarded a second place scholarship for my paper, Culture, Modernization, and Sustainability in the Design of Saudi Arabian Architectural Forms, presented at the 2014 Arts and Humanities Conference, Texas Tech University. Also, I worked for Taibah University in Saudi Arabia, where I joined the newly established, interdisciplinary Program in Interior Design as an assistant professor in 2012 to present.

I am proud to be part of the EDRA community as it has established to be very rewarding at different domains of my professional career improvement, teaching, research inquiry, and service. Special thanks go to my professors, Drs. Kristi Gaines, Cherif Amor, and Debajyoti Pati for their continuous support and for connecting me with EDRA. My first EDRA attendance was EDRA43Seattle during my second year of graduate studies. The conference meeting was very impressive and since then I have attended and presented my research findings at EDRA conferences on a steady basis. I have served as a conference manuscript reviewer, session’s moderator, social media assistant, where I had the thrilling opportunity to finally meet many distinguished scholars I benefited enormously from their work!

These earliest experiences with EDRA during graduate school were foundational, and truly fundamental, from multiple perspectives! Form interdisciplinary organizational where I could promote my interests in EDRA subjects during my career to cooperate closely with fellow EDRAites—as a member of the EDRA. All of that at consequent EDRA conferences, and via research, teamwork with fellow EDRA members, EDRA has been a durable source of reinforcement and collaborative teaming for me over the past four years of my field. I am really grateful for these vital benefits of membership in EDRA throughout my career, bridging my graduate school days at TTU to my experience as a PhD Candidate at TTU. Moreover, while coming from a Fine Art /Environmental and Interior Design background, the introduction of the environment-behavior paradigm through different research presentations instructed in me the significance of realizing phenomena as a whole. Consequently, this increased my research desire to affect positively on the inquiry processes for today and for the future of hops that will produce my research perceptions at diverse settings.

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