EDRAite of the Month - Mohamed C. Amor
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Mohamed C. Amor, PhD

July 2014

Mohamed C. Amor, PhD

I have been associated with the Environmental Design Research Association (EDRA) since 1999. A big thanks goes to my dear professors, mentors, and colleagues, Drs. Benyamin Schwarz and Ruth Brent Tofle for their continuous support and for being instrumental in connecting me with EDRA. During this last decade, I have attended and presented my research findings in the national/international EDRA conferences on a regular basis. I have served as a conference manuscript reviewer, sessions’ moderator, graduate students’ mentor, and chair of the interior design network. I am proud to be part of the EDRA community as it has proven to be very rewarding at different spheres of my professional career development—teaching, research, and service.

My first EDRA attendance, as a doctoral student, was memorable. While coming from an architectural/design background, the introduction of the environment-behavior paradigm through different research presentations inculcated in me the importance of understanding phenomena from a holistic perspective. Hence, this led to the development of my subsequent research inclinations that yielded distinction at different venues.

As a faculty and researcher, EDRA’s plethora of scholarship of teaching, empirical research, and creative activity (including but not limited to art, architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, and behavioral sciences) have permitted me, on a regular basis, to refine my teaching and research tools and paved the way for novel ideas, methodologies, and approaches.

EDRA continues to make impressive strides towards bridging the gap between academia and industry, providing evidence-based data (potential for translational research), paving the way for emerging trends (see environment behavior neuroscience paradigm--theme of EDRA 46 conference), but above all generating wonderful venues for networking. I am very proud to be part of the EDRA community.

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