EDRAite of the Month - Clinton J. Andrews
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Clinton J. Andrews

April 2014


Professor of Urban Planning and Policy Development, Associate Dean for Planning and New Initiatives, and the Director of Rutgers Center for Green Building at E.J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy -- Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.

“Sometimes I think of myself as an engineer who got seduced by the social implications of my technologies. I am interested in planning, design and technological innovation, but I am really interested in how people engage with the resulting physical artifacts. Over time that has manifested in various ways.

In college, my non-engineering elective courses focused on processes of modernization and urbanization. While designing solar projects in northern California during my first professional job, I started to wonder where the money came from to put so many expensive panels in such fog-shrouded places. That led me to grad school and subsequent professional practice in technology and policy, with foci on technology assessment and regional energy policy tradeoffs. My first faculty job was to create a new graduate program that captured the dialectic of policy for technology and technology in policy. My next faculty job was to rebalance a graduate program that was very strong on the procedural and equity aspects of urban planning by pursuing a renewed focus on its physical and technological aspects.

Rich Wener introduced me to EDRA about five years ago, and it has proven to be a source of intellectual nourishment and warm collegiality. Today, my colleagues and I document how users of buildings and urban spaces adapt to changing environmental conditions, and we create simulation models of user behavior that can prospectively inform designs and management strategies. Follow our work at greenbuilding.rutgers.edu.”


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