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The Environmental Design Research Education Knowledge Network was constituted in 2012 with the goal of strengthening social science education in the architectural professions that include urban and regional planning and historic preservation. We hope the network will help expand adoption of required and elective courses in this area.

To that end, the network held an intensive at EDRA44 to share information on how environmental design research is taught at various universities in the U.S., Russia, Korea, Jordan, and Lebanon and two symposia-- one focusing on lecture courses that ask students to engage in field research and another examining studio courses with a social science research component. We created these presentations sharing PowerPoints on a Google documents site EDRA Education. Anyone with the linkEDRA44Providence can access PowerPoints presented, and more may be uploaded. In addition, folders have been created where anyone interested can share syllabiexamples of student work, as well as enter their information in a directory. Recently Sue Weidemann joined the network and posted on the network’s website the question of what PhD programs provide an 'edra-type' educational component? This raises the question how does one prepare to teach such courses? This can be partially addressed by inventorying the education of current faculty cv. Please join the discussion and upload your cv.


We also created a folder for sharing teaching material to upload articles. A reader by Cranz and PavlidesEnvironmental design research: the body, the city, and the buildings in between was recently published. To request your FREE digital review copy visit the publisher Cognella. The need for developing a textbook for Environmental Design Research courses was discussed by Karen Keddy, Nisha Fernando, Shireen Kanakri, Rula Awwad-Rafferty and others. For more information please contact Karen atdrkeddy@gmail.com.


Finally, one of our initiatives is to develop courses with field research on buildings and report findings and relevant social science literature reviews to practicing professionals who designed them. If you are interested in this initiative that brings together schools of architecture, practicing professionals, and communities please email Lefteris Pavlides at epavlides@gmail.com.


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