Residential Environments
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The purpose of the Residential Environments Network is to bring together EDRA members whose work involves all scales of environments where people live, with the goal of coordinating efforts and sharing knowledge around pressing issues such as health, quality of life, resource preservation, and empowerment.



The Residential Environments Network will:

  • Build on the diversity across its membership to address both theoretical and practical concerns related to the physical, psychological, social, cultural, economic, and policy dimensions of the residential environment at scales from the district/neighborhood to the room and furnishings.
  • Address residential environments topics both nationally and internationally.
  • Foster dialogue on ways to addressing pressing concerns of human-residential environment relations.
  • Address residential environments topics in a range of fields such as: urban planning, architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, environmental psychology, engineering, and housing studies.
  • Develop relationships between academics, practitioners and students that provide opportunities for mutual support and collaboration on topics related to residential environments.

Chairs: Keith Miller; Ali Momen-Heravi


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