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Membership in the Environmental Design Research Association gives you access to a network of professionals whose work is reshaping diverse environments and governmental policies on national and global scales. EDRA represents the most connected community of environment & behavior professionals dedicated to creating places where people thrive.

As a member of EDRA, you have access to a host of networking and professional development opportunities, as well as a resource center full of cutting-edge research. Additional benefits include:

  • Discounted EDRA conference fee.
  • Free downloads of current and historical Conference Proceedings.
  • Membership in any of EDRA’s Knowledge Networks.
  • Access to the E&B Bibliography, a searchable annotated citation list of hundreds of E&B publications.
  • Discounts on several research publications including: Research Design Connections, Environment & Behavior and Journal of Architectural and Planning Research.

EDRA Knowledge Networks

EDRA Knowledge Networks are comprised of individuals who share interest in a particular area of research or practice. Network membership is a great way to make contacts and share knowledge. If you wish to change your Network membership, you may do so at any time. Network membership is free to all EDRA members. EDRA’s Knowledge Networks include:


Learn more about our Individual, Non-Profit/Academic, and Corporate memberships.


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