EDRAite of the Month - Saif Haq
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Saif Haq

September 2015

Saif Haq

2015 is my 20th EDRA year and it puts me almost in the middle of the conference attendance hierarchy. It also seems to be an opportune moment to reflect on my relationship with this amazing organization. It began in the first year of my PhD studies, and flourished continuously since then. It helps me give direction to my fledgling ideas, provides me with up to date information and appropriate methodologies, allows me to put faces to names that I only know from literature, and makes me richer with lifelong friends, advisors, colleagues and collaborators, often all rolled into one.

It has been 20 years of scholarly stimulation, 20 years of getting over my awe and becoming friends with intellectual giants, 20 years of being overwhelmed with the creativity and energy of new members, 20 years of constantly adding to the list of people who I can always count on for support, advice, and encouragement, and 20 years of looking forward to exploring spectacular cities with fellow EDRAITES. I always look ahead to meeting and making EDRA friends, and I miss those who no longer attend.

If interested, I can be found on Facebook, Linked-In or in my university webpage at http://www.arch.ttu.edu/people/faculty/haq_s/default.aspThank you Environmental Design Research Association for giving me this spotlight.


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