EDRAite of the Month - Keith Jundanian
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Keith Jundanian

December 2014

Keith Jundanian

I remember when I first discovered Environmental Design Research Association (EDRA). I was a restless, young architect in Chicago that knew there was a better way to go about designing buildings than the aesthetic-based status quo that seemed so predominant in the people-free glossy pictures of the major design publications. That restlessness and relentless search for likeminded others led me to the field of Environment-Behavior Research and with that my discovery of EDRA. Quickly, it became apparent that I had found my people. The year was 2003 and I immediately ordered a copy of the proceedings from EDRA 34 in Minneapolis: People Shaping Places Shaping People. Shortly thereafter, I enrolled in the Environment-Behavior Research program at Georgia Tech under the tutelage of longtime EDRAite Dr. Craig Zimring, to whom I am forever grateful. As a design researcher and building evaluator at the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations, I use the knowledge gained from my E&B studies, the ideas fostered by the incredible breadth of presentations at the annual EDRA conference, and the relationships made at that conference on a daily basis. In keeping with the spirit of community, I am doing my best to give back to the organization that provides us all with this framework of colleagues and friends by Co-Chairing EDRA’s Post-Occupancy Evaluation (POE)/ Programming Knowledge Network, and am already looking forward to EDRA 46 in Los Angeles where I can connect with old friends and make new ones whose company I will look forward to in the years ahead.


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