Sustainable Planning, Design, & Behavior
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The mission of the Sustainable Planning, Design, and Behavior Network is to promote research that supports environmental planning and design that is sustainable while supporting user needs and behavior.

“Sustainable” is used here broadly to mean systems that support current use while not diminishing resources for future generations, and includes attention to both physical and social systems.


Network Chairs: Rich Wener; Jennifer Senick


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EDRA and IAPS--A Collaboration:

The leadership of two young sister organizations – the EDRA and IAPS Sustainability Networks – have been working closely to find points of intersection and mutual interest in the development of their respective agendas. Topic areas have included methods of sustainability science, green buildings, sustainability planning and public policy, a focus on values and moral issues in sustainability politics, creating sustaining places, among many others. Ideas for cooperation have ranged from the convening of joint sessions, symposia and even special conferences(!), to creating an edited book of various examples of sustainability jurisdictions and scales, to just hanging out together.


Relatedly, whereas a few members of the EDRA Knowledge Network have been able to attend IAPS Sustainability Network meetings in recent years (in Glasgow and A Coruna), and vice versa, a desired next step is to convene a full membership joint meeting in New Orleans, with both in-person and virtual participation. The latter method is important not only to facilitate greater exchange of ideas among interested parties, but also to help fulfill a low carbon objective of the sustainability mission.


Please standby for further updates on the New Orleans meeting and supportive technology for the joint meet-up.


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