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The Deadline has passed and we are no longer taking nominations.

The EDRA Organization Award for Excellence in Environmental Design Research, Application, or Education is given in recognition of an organization whose work contributes to EDRA's mission to “facilitate the creation of environments that are responsive to human needs” and to encourage closer collaboration with them in the future.

As recipients of this award, it is intended to help validate organizations as they endeavor to influence governments, universities, and the design professions to conduct, apply, and publish environmental design research.

Eligibility Criteria

Organizations can be recognized for advancing the Environmental Design Research field through:

  • Research – making a direct contribution to research or funding of research that has yielded important useful and practical results;
  • Practice – making effective use of environmental design research in creating environments that demonstrate exemplary performance in meeting human needs;
  • Policy – implementation of policy supported by environmental research that demonstrably affected environmental design;
  • Education – providing education and training in environmental research that significantly affected design professionals or advance the field of environmental design research.


The organizations may be University departments, NGOs, government agencies, non-profit organizations, or for-profit corporations that have demonstrated over a period of at least five years, a significant and influential contribution in Environmental Design Research

Nomination Process
An organization needs to be co-nominated by at least five (5) EDRA members in good standing who submit a nomination packet that includes the following:

  1. Overview of contributions to any/all of the four areas designated in the criteria, including case studies, policies enacted, educational materials, and/or the application of research;
  2. Mission and vision statements of the organization; and
  3. History of the organization, including the length of time specifically contribution to environmental design research.


The nomination packet should be submitted in one (1) PDF document and should not be more than 20 pages in length and 5 MB in file size.


EDRA will provide a certificate of recognition of the award to a representative of the organization, announce the recipient of the award on the EDRA website, along with a link to the winner's website, maintain a list of each year’s winner and extend an organizational EDRA membership comprised of the recipient’s board of directors to the winning organization for the year of recognition (e.g. 2016-2017 from conference to conference).

The recognition of the honored organization will be featured during the annual EDRA Awards Banquet and a short acceptance speech (up to 5-10 minutes) will be given by a representative of the winning organization. This speech will serve as a statement from the organization of their perspective on the potential for future development of the field, their commitment to promote common interests and a vision for how a broader group of organizations could join forces and work together to create a movement to use Environmental Design Research more effectively in the design and planning of buildings, cities, the public realm, and landscapes.

Please send the completed nomination packet to EDRA Headquarters at with the subject line "Organization Award."


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