Historic Environment
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The Historic Environment Network connects scholars and practitioners with an interest in research that addresses the intersection of environmental perception and valuation with built heritage and cultural landscapes.

The network welcomes scholars, historic preservation practitioners, designers, and planners who seek an improved, empirically-substantiated base for preservation policy and practice in order to improve decision-making processes. The network seeks to expand the nature of preservation research to include social science methodologies that focus on cultural, social, and phenomenological experiences related to the interaction of people with older places. Research topics include the application of social science methodologies to preservation research, understanding the phenomena of how people experience age in the built environment, providing an empirical justification for preservation doctrine, uncovering sociocultural values related to heritage, and exploring non-Western heritage values.


Co-chairs: Jeremy Wells Jeremy@heritagestudies.org; April Allen allenapr@msu.edu


In The Historic Preservation Network—Changing the Ontology of PracticeJeremy Wells discusses the development of the Historic Environment Knowledge Network, and how it explores ways in which professionals can use environmental design and behavior research to efficiently and rapidly assess sociocultural and experiential values associated with the historic environment. MORE


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