Emeritus Board Position
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On May 3, 2013, the EDRA Board of Directors passed a proposal to include a new ex-officio member of the EDRA Board of Directors-the Emeritus Board Member.

2013-2014 Emeritus

Henry Sanoff

2014-2015 Emeritus

Lynda Schneekloth

2015-2016 Emeritus

Robert Marans

2016-2017 Emeritus

Sue Weidemann

The EDRA Emeritus Board Member position has been conceptualized to meet EDRA's strategic goals including:

  • Bringing visibility to the EDRA Board and EDRA through the Emeritus Board member's research connections and networks;
  • Providing strategic directions for EDRA programs and services;
  • Serving as a liaison to the environmental-design/planning profession and/or academy;
  • Providing a connection to fellow senior EDRA members; and
  • Serving as a mentor to new EDRA members.

Candidates for this position will be nominated by current EDRA Knowledge Network Chairs and/or EDRA Board Members. The following criteria will be considered in each nomination:

  • A current senior EDRA member in good standing
  • Has been a member in good standing for an extended period of time
  • Has served as a mentor to junior EDRA members
  • Has introduced young professionals and students to EDRA
  • Preferably, has served on the EDRA Board or other subcommittees of EDRA
  • Is a strong champion for EDRA
  • Has national and international visibility for research, outreach and/or service in the area of Environment and Behavior issues

Members are encouraged to put forth your recommendations of individual(s) for this position to the EDRA Board and/or Network Chairs. Specific information about the responsibilities, term, benefits, nominations process, and timeline are included below.


  • Participate in Board teleconferences
  • Attend in-person EDRA Board meetings (at EDRA conference and Fall retreat)
  • Provide leadership in planning EDRA programs and services
  • Serve as a liaison to senior EDRA members, the profession and academy


  • The EDRA Emeritus Board Member shall be a non-voting Board member for one year. Non-voting Board members cannot motion for a vote or vote as these are invited positions and not elected by the membership at large; however, they can contribute to all Board discussions surrounding motions and proposals.
  • An Emeritus Board Member can serve two successive terms, but after the completion of the second term, that individual will not be eligible for this position for the next three years.
  • Year term corresponds with elected Board terms: August 1-July 31.


  • The EDRA Emeritus Board Member will be provided with complimentary conference registration for the year of Board service. This can be donated to student members (a maximum of two students).
  • Reimbursement of costs for travel and stay during the Fall EDRA Board Retreat.

Nomination Process

  • The EDRA Board will share information regarding the EDRA Emeritus Board member position to the entire membership and request nominations from the Chairs of all EDRA Knowledge Networks. The Knowledge Networks will be given four weeks to put forth any candidates for nomination.
  • EDRA Board Members will also be invited to nominate candidates for the EDRA Emeritus Board Member position. They will also be given four weeks to submit names.
  • In order to nominate a person for this position, the nominating individual/Knowledge Network will provide the current position of the nominee and a list of characteristics that qualifies the nominee for this position (one page maximum).
  • The EDRA Executive Director will prepare a list of all nominees with the one page nominating material.
  • The EDRA Board will deliberate on the nominations received and come up with a prioritized listing of 3-5 nominees for this position.
  • The Governance Committee will confirm with the nominees in the priority order listed to determine if they are willing to serve in the capacity of EDRA Emeritus Board Member.

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