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The aim of the Communication Network is to examine and analyze communication environments of the modern world. Specifically, the network focuses on the Information Technology (IT) rich environments and their influence on behavior in virtual and physical environments.

The increasing development of convergent technology, in which a variety of media are integrated in a single platform or protocol has enormous implications both on the nature of community and planning, but also upon the relationship of individuals within a global network. With the development of the "wired" or "smart" city, the increasing role of telecommuting, the ambiguity of "public" and "private" space, the rise of cyberspace and virtual environments, the spatial and ecological consequences require the attention of planners, designers, and architects.


Co-chairs: Sheila Gobes-Ryan; Susan Drucker


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Communication Network Co-chairs Gary Gumpert and Susan Drucker discuss how a “Communicative City” seeks to enhance communication in the interest of creating a healthy and humane social environment in The Communication Network and the Evolving Built Form


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