Cities & Globalization
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Cities & Globalization

The Cities and Globalization Network has been created to provide an interdisciplinary forum from which to examine how contemporary changes at the global scale have affected city life.

Changes in the restructuring of the economy aided by technological advances have affected the manner in which people constitute their identities and interact among each other as well as the manner in which people and urban landscapes are produced and organized. While broad in scope, the Cities and Globalization Network aims at establishing a platform where connections, trends, similarities and differences between localities and people could be analyzed within the context of a global optic that addresses socio-physical changes.


We would like to consider globalization as an urban condition and from an interdisciplinary perspective address a broad range of issues that might include but is not limited to: people and environment relationships; the constructions of identity and movement / migration, diasporas, hybridity; comparative/ transnational studies between cities; building/ rebuilding/ revitalization/ redevelopment/business improvement districts/empowerment zones; social and cultural movements; new technologies and their impact in the urban context; media/writing/televizing/filming/digitalizing the city/geographies of the media; environmental history; sustainability; urban visions; research methodologies.


Chair: Shireen Kanakri


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