Cultural Aspects of Design
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Cultural Aspects of Design

The Cultural Aspects of Design Network has as its aim to further the understanding of the interrelationships between cultures and the physical environment, to improve knowledge of the impact of cultural and social factors on environmental design and planning, and to expand consciousness of the myriad ways in which environments play a role in, and affect, the lives of people and other living beings.

Members of this network are interested in research leading to culturally appropriate and responsive design. Current research interests include vernacular architecture, domestic space, housing, public space, cross-cultural variation in design, religion, migration of people and adjustments related to design, workplace design, native cultures, modern and hybrid cultures, power issues in design, symbolism, meaning, socio-cultural context of design. On the pragmatic side, members are interested in consultancy, policy, designing and planning communities with special consideration of culture, and in culturally appropriate, responsive and responsible design.


Co-chairs: Sanjoy Mazumdar, Nisha Fernando


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