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Key EDRAites Share Memories of EDRA and Invite You to EDRA48Madison

Friday, October 28, 2016   (0 Comments)
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Please consider attending and pass the word along about EDRA!

My earliest experiences with EDRA during graduate school were formative, and indeed pivotal, in my discovery of an interdisciplinary organizational “home” where I could cultivate my interests in EDR topics throughout my career and collaborate closely with fellow EDRAites—as a member of the EDRA Board, at subsequent EDRA conferences, and through research collaborations with fellow EDRA members. Together with APA’s Division of Environmental, Population, and Conservation Psychology, EDRA has been an enduring source of encouragement and collaborative synergy for me over the course of my career as I’ve pursued a variety of “transdisciplinary action research” topics.

I am truly grateful for these invaluable benefits of membership in EDRA throughout my career, spanning my graduate school days at UNC to my four decades of experience as a faculty member at the University of California, Irvine.

Daniel Stokols, Ph.D.
Chancellor's Professor Emeritus
School of Social Ecology
University of California, Irvine

EDRA is the single most essential professional community for intellectual stimulation, critical thinking and support in my life. It has been and continues to be for my entire student and professional life and for my personal life. As a student, EDRA was a beacon that lighted a dark world. Many of my role models died. John Kennedy was killed my first semester in undergraduate school; Dr. King and Robert Kennedy killed my last. Then Rap Brown. But Henry Sanoff provided a singular hope, and his was an extraordinary vision. Design mattered. Research about social space mattered. Fairness mattered. The less powerful mattered. Method mattered. Participatory democracy mattered. Nothing has changed. I was well served by arrested development. All Henry's priorities (and EDRA's) remain the same in my life.

And these priorities were and are embedded in EDRA’s most central mission. EDRA was a beacon and also a safe harbor for radical design thinking and action. It provided security when no one in my daily life of design supported what I thought the proper employment of design skill. It was a vacuum pack before such a word except it filled a vacuum.

That community still comforts and provokes me. EDRA arguments distilled my most innovative thinking and my most useful contributions in writing, teaching and community design practice. EDRA has provided me my closest colleagues and my ever-enduring friends. We are close enough to fight over ideas that matter, critique each other in a most caring way, cry over our tragedies and celebrate each other’s advances. EDRA has been my community and extended family for nearly as long as I can remember.

EDRA leadership has made this possible from Henry to the present Board. Henry served his own deep commitment to a new design to be sure but it was a visionary commitment combined with worldly unselfishness. Mark Francis represents midlife leadership with no self interest beyond advancing this vision of a better world through a better EDRA.

Randolph (Randy) Hester
Professor Emeritus
University of California, Berkeley


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