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University of Florida Research Team Looking for Respondents

Wednesday, September 14, 2016   (0 Comments)
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A research team of doctoral students – one from the College of Design, Construction and Planning and another from the College of Nursing – are looking for potential respondents for the Delphi method. The research topic is Development of a Framework for Evaluating Evidence in Evidence-Based Healthcare Design. The purpose of this study is to validate the criteria for assessing evidence in Evidence-Based Healthcare Design, and to create a completely new and rational evaluation framework based on a broad consensus of experts. In order to obtain interdisciplinary consensus about the evaluation framework, we are looking for respondents of the Delphi survey. There are two types of respondent; 1) researchers/professors and 2) architects and interior designers. Researchers and professors will need to have a postgraduate degree and at least three years of experience; architects and designers should have more than three years’ experience in healthcare design projects.

The Delphi survey will be conducted in a minimum of three rounds, each survey will be estimated to take approximately less than 20 minutes to complete. The data will be summarized and analyzed using Qualtrics survey software. No published reports will identify specific individuals by name or institution of employment. There is no compensation.

If you agree to participate this survey, please email me at indicating that you are willing to participate.

Thank you very much in advance for your participation in this important survey. The information provided in this survey will be valuable to creation of evaluation framework for assessing evidence in Evidence-Based Healthcare Design. If you are interested in a summary of the findings, we will be happy to share it upon completion of the study.

Daejin Kim
EDRA member and second year doctoral student in Interior Design at the University of Florida


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