Student Awards

EDRA presents a number research and design awards at the annual EDRA conference.

We seek the best student work for these awards: thought-provoking research and forward-thinking design concepts that exemplify EDRA’s principles. The awards program is a fantastic opportunity for students to receive recognition for their work, move forward in their thesis or dissertation writing, and contribute to the body of knowledge and practice that makes EDRA the leader in environmental design research. 


The EDRA student paper award could not have happened at a better time for me. I couldn't have started my final dissertation writing phase on a better high. The award also convinced my committee that I was ready to defend that semester. The paper I submitted eventually became the first empirical chapter of my dissertation after some revisions and additions, and set the tone for the other five empirical chapters. So thank you EDRA! And to students: just send those entries in, you never know, experts might actually consider your work pretty good!

- Sudeshna Chatterjee, 2006 1st Place Student Paper Award Winner


Student Paper Award

Student submissions of full-length papers are reviewed initially by the same process as other full-length papers. Papers accepted for presentation are reviewed again by the EDRA Awards Committee to select award winners. To be eligible for consideration for a student award you must submit your full-length paper with your abstract by the submission deadline; the work must have been completed within the preceding year; all authors must have been students at the time the work was completed; and faculty, professional, or non-student involvement must have been minimal and limited to that normally expected of work to be graded. Please note: This requirement is not meant to exclude participatory or collaborative projects involving client groups and faculty advisors or coordinators.


Award Requirements:

Papers co-authored by faculty members must have an accompanying letter describing the extent of the faculty member’s involvement in the work and a signed letter of nomination from your advisor. The student must be first author and conference presenter.


First prize for the Student Paper Award includes $500 travel voucher, conference fee paid by EDRA, and a one year EDRA student membership. Second place prize is a one year EDRA student membership. All student award finalists merit recognition in EDRA publications.


Student Design Award

The EDRA Student Design Awards are distinguished by their recognition of environmental designs that respond to human factors in the conception of the full range of environmental scales through the infusion of research findings and users’ inputs on the needs of human’s in the built world. The Student Design Awards criteria are underpinned by EDRA’s mission of advancing and disseminating behavior and design research toward improving understanding of the relationships between people and their environments and seek to recognize student projects that demonstrate excellence in the design of humane environments.


We invite submissions of exemplary environmental design work at a range of scales from urban design, to landscape, to architecture, to interior and industrial design completed by EDRA student members. Design projects should have been completed by January 2012 and should emphasize a link between research and design, demonstrating how an understanding of human interaction, use and experience can inspire excellent environmental design.


NEW for 2013: All exemplary design project submissions for EDRA44Providence, EDRA's 2013 conference, in the display poster category from current students that are accepted for presentation will be considered for the Student Design Award. EDRA will not be soliciting additional submission for the student design award this year, so please be sure to submit your qualifying project by November 30. Abstracts can be submitted at


Those design projects which are accepted for presentation at EDRA44Providence will have the opportunity to indicate if they wish their project to be considered for this award, and if so, a pdf of the poster must be submitted to EDRA Headquarters by March 14, 2013 in order to qualify.


Awards Criteria:

Submitted projects will be judged in four areas:

  1. Quality of the Design Project and Demonstrated links between design and a body of research literature
  2. Quality of Graphic Communication and Representation
  3. Comprehensive Quality of the Submission
  4. Alignment of the Design with EDRA's Mission

2013 Awards Timeline:

  • November 30, 2013: Abstract submissions due to
  • January 2013: Notifications for EDRA44Providence distributed
  • March 14, 2013: Deadline to submit a PDF of the design for review by Awards Committee
  • May 2013: Notification of Award

First prize for the Student Design Award includes a $500 travel voucher, conference fee paid by EDRA, and a one year student membership. Second place is a one year EDRA student membership. All student award finalists will receive recognition in EDRA publications and website.


Congratulations to our 2012 Student Award Winners: