EDRA's Annual Conference

EDRA’s annual conferences are renowned international events that focus on research and design presentations in a variety of formats. The sessions provide students, researchers and practitioners alike the opportunity to participate in a collaborative discourse. Conference attendees include architects, urban planners, designers, social ecologists, urban anthropologists, researchers, consultants, academics and students from around the world.

EDRA conferences have paved the way for cutting edge research and collaboration in a variety of topics including the Role of Evidence-Based Design and Evidence-Based Policy in Reforming Healthcare; Getting Post Occupancy Evaluation-Based Evidence About Green Buildings Into Design Through Policy; and Space, Social Networks and Organizational Innovation. Click dates on the right to see photos from the past three years of conferences!


Would you like to host an EDRA conference in your city? If so, or if you’d like more information on the roles and responsibilities of an EDRA Conference Co-chair, contact Marechiel Santos-Lang at [email protected].